Option 1 – Flash drive (USB) Needed

  • Plug a flash drive into a computer and download one of the files from below to the flash drive.
  • Take out the flash drive and insert it into the device you want to install it on
  • Depending on the unit you may have a couple of methods to install the file. You may have one of the following forms below. The process with the instructions is based on what you have on the unit.
    • File-browser app –  in the apps folder you should see a file browser app, you would click on store and then usb. look for apps called applinked or elite media hub.
  • Now you either downloaded elite media hub or applinked app you can now see all the apps we have for all the services. Just download and install any or all that you want for the service and delete any that you don’t like

Option 2 – Download app using downloader app with a browser plugin

  • Make sure you log in to the google play store. 
  • Click on the apps and then click on get more apps
  • Search for aftvnews (you would get an orange icon and it says downloader)
  • Click install and then open
  • Click on the ALLOW
  • on the left in the downloader app click on home and enter the following URL to get the browser plugin
    • click go
    • go to settings and click on downloader and click on unknown sources.
    • Click install
    • Click done
    • then on the installation file delete it to save storage.
  • click on settings and enable javascript
  • now click on the browser and click okay on the pop-up. 
  • now click on the browser again and enter one of the options. If one does not work try the other.
    • 625014
    • Enter
    • Need to add our store on applinked app

    If should have installed the simple tv app and now login