Quick Setup with the Downloader App

  1. Press Home Button on the remote
  2. click on find and search for Downloader
  3. Download and install the downloader App
  4. Press the Home button on the remote
  5. Find the Settings wheel:
    1. Click  on My Fire TV
    2. Click on Developer options
  6. Click on Install unknown apps
  7. On the downloader, icon make sure it is clicked ON
  8. Press the Home button on the remote again
  9. Click on the all apps button next to the settings
  10. Open the Downloader app and Allow access to the downloader
  11. -Enter this number 625014 in the URL section and click go
  12. -You should be installing the SimpleTV app
  13. -It’s going to ask you again to Allow access to the SimpleTV app
  14. -Once finished, click the Home button
  15. -Locate the app in all apps, Login, and enjoy!

If you need detailed instructions for all the devices we support with images click the link below