A reseller is someone, a freelancer, or a company that sells subscriptions to their own customers. The resellers do not work for, they are their own bosses and they set their own prices, as well as their own company name, logo, and more.

You only pay what you sell: That is why being a Reseller is a very attractive idea for a start-up or freelancer, because of the low investment. As an opening, a café or a restaurant needs a huge investment, but for becoming a reseller, you need relatively way less investment power compared to other types of businesses.

The field has grown around 425% during the pandemic year, with more than 50M people using different types of streaming services worldwide, it’s crazy. Everyone is switching to services since it’s cheaper and includes several more perks than a basic TV cable provider.

You can generate a massive amount of income through reselling business model. Our Reselling credits are sold like ice cream in summer and its market is getting popular at an extra fast pace and expanding really fast! Our stream quality and stability are top-notch and one of the bests in the market right now. Seconded by a very proactive technical support which treats resellers like a vital component of our core company.

How Reselling Panel work?

Reselling works through something we called Credits. Credits are used to activate the Subscriptions for your clients. Where 1 Credit equals 1 Month subscription, the cost of 1 Credit in our Reselling program is 3.3 USD, it’s even less if you take advantage of any of the available package Discounts.

To become a Reseller you have to purchase credits.

Why does a reseller benefits from the use of Credits?

For making this clearer let’s bring up a quick example: Let’s say a client buys you a subscription for 1 month at a price of 15 USD (this is just an example, you can set the price to whatever fits you best).

As explained above, Resellers can purchase 1 month’s subscription for 1 Credit (3.3 USD), generating an income of 11.70 USD to the Reseller, a 400% profit, just for one month. Similar profits apply for larger subscriptions

Join us on Telegram for more information about becoming a reseller today!


Join us on Telegram for more information about becoming a reseller today!